Body Gelato

$ 28.95

Exfoliate, soften, and hydrate skin with our Body Gelato . Pure cane sugar and moisturizing ingredients are whipped together to form a rich creamy scrub that lathers then rinses cleanly away. Sugar is a gentle exfoliant that leaves skin velvety smooth and refreshed and now our formula is paraben free.

How to Use

Shaving Cream: Lather up a quarter size dollop in your hands once you have achieved a soapy me consistency, proceed to lather up the area you would like to shave. Once all the sugar has dissolved shave off the lather. Rinse, dry, and enjoy silky smooth skin. Remember ALWAYS moisturize your skin after shaving and exfoliating.

Body Wash: Apply a half dollar size dollop to your loofah/washcloth lather and cleanse your body as normal.

SCRUB: Scoop a quarter size amount into hand a lather all over body, rubbing in circular motions to get the best exfoliation. Rinse and repeat until you have covered all areas. NOT for facial or vaginal care, if you want vaginal care there is a regimen for that.